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what where? gimme sources??

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  • More Ableism: Refered to Jesse Eisenberg’s habits/rituals that sounded a WHOLE lot like OCD (i didnt know that the actual term OCD wasnt involved) as “weird quirks” and said that she totally wanted them, to which he replied “you can have all of them” (jfc i cant believe she ACTUALLY SAID THOSE THINGS IN FRONT OF HIM THOUGH)
  • Anti-queer bigotry/heterosexism: “The Winter’s Bone star, 20, says she spent her childhood riding horses, fishing, and playing sports: field hockey, softball, basketball on the all-boys team. She was nicknamed Nitro. “I was so dykey,” Lawrence says.”

  • More heterosexism: “I suggest that in the original comics Mystique was written as a lesbian, to which Lawrence counters, “No! That’s the first time I’ve heard that. She has kids, she has night crawlers, and she sleeps with Magneto!”  And then she jokes, “Unless I’m completely wrong, I mean, she is 100 years old, she definitely had time for a lesbian phase.”
  • there’s also this really weird selection bias of reporters to constantly bring up what a TOMBOY she was growing up, how she’s NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS, and mentions of how her mother totally thinks she’s a lesbian
  • so yeah sorry if i made her heterosexism/anti-queer bigotry sound worse than it is, i just realised that a lot of it has to do with the way that the articles are actually written as well as the things she says

wow, this is too much. i am actually against ableism and heterosexism, but i dont think these statements were in a spectrum where it offends anybody at all. Jessie Eisenberg even called his quirks as “strange” and he seemed unoffended with Jennifer’s interest with it. and regarding mystique’s gender preference, the person who wrote the article said he “suggested” mystique might have been a lesbian. it seems like jennifer’s “no” on that one was more like a surprised or unbelief response since the suggestion has never crossed her mind (noted by the fact that that was the first time she heard about it) and she even admitted that she might be wrong based on her next statment (even though the article dubbed the statement as a “joke”)

but yes, her usage of the word “dykey” was truly uncalled for. but i still think it was not intended to be insulting since she didnt use it to offend somebody. its not surprising that she didnt hesitate to use this word since she does curse a lot after all. and if you still count that as offensive, you might wanna look after yourself first since it seems like you also use a lot of curse words.

its funny how we correct others where in fact none of us are perfect.

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    Throw in tw: bisexual erasure and tw: cissexism we run a really thorough gamut here. Ew.
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    Reposting because UGH but also because it answers my question from earlier. Some of these things don’t bother me as much...
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    Wait a second. Can we just think about this for a moment? Jennifer Lawrence is an actor. She is not a gender/women’s...
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    man i feel bad because i never cared abt jennifer lawrence but this is all the reason to just dislike her
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